Monday, 10 June 2013

WeChat with Nirbhaya

I finished my household work and was planning to go outside. But due to heavy rainfall, I was feeling a bit lazy, so  just started browsing the television channels. An interesting advertisement of new application was running on the Television. It was about ‘WeChat’ an application where we can connect with our friends or anyone from all over the globe instantly. I was quite excited to learn about its various features like voice messages, video calls, sharing pictures, and instant messaging within a group and immediately viewed its features on WeChat’sYoutube Channel.

I was very much fascinated by the App as it was totally free and hence immediately started downloading it on my Android Phone. While the downloading of the App was in process, I was watching the News Channel. A talk show was being telecasted on ‘Nirbhaya’s case, a girl who was raped in a bus in Delhi. All the participants were giving all kind of Gyaan to the media. It was very disturbing me.

And suddenly I heard a beep on my mobile phone. Oh, the WeChat was being downloaded completely on my mobile. And immediately after the download, I got a message from some unknown number.

“Hi, Did you recognize me?’

No, I didn’t , whose number is this?, I said.

Then suddenly I got a voice message and we started Chat on ‘WeChat’.

‘Hi, I am Nirbhaya. You forgot me so early.  I was in news since last few months and you forgot me so early?”  Said Nirbhaya.

I was quite shocked to see Nirbhaya on WeChat. “Hey, how are you? People are giving news about you on television that you are no more, and how come you are on Chat with me?

She replied, “Who said I am dead? I am still alive in this world. I live in India, I am still alive and struggling in all the small parts of villages and cities. Till a suitable law is passed, I will still be alive and will be part of such talk shows’. And then I heard noise of a cry.

"Don’t Cry Nirbhaya," I replied, "everything will be alright. We all are with you.” But I didn’t not get any answer.  

I started shaking my phone to find out where is ‘Nirbhaya’ and suddenly I found Bahar Datta’ a News Channel Reporter. She joined the chat with me on ‘WeChat’. Bahar Datta asked me , Where is Nirbhaya? I wanted to take an exclusive interview on my Channel. I will give her lot of publicity on my news channel. She will be popular all over the world. Her photo will be published in all the leading newspapers in India and internationally. I have contacts with all the higher authorities of Media”

I replied,’ Bahar, Nirbhaya has already left the chat, even I am searching her.’ 

She replied, ‘Its okay, I will find some other for my News channel.’ She left the conversation.

Then ‘Bapu Maharaj’ pinged me. ‘Namaste, I am Bapu Maharaj. I have heard that you were chatting with Nirbhaya. I wanted to give some advice to her.

I said, ‘Nirbahaya has already left the conversation, even Bahar Datta is searching her.”

Bapu Maharaj replied,’ Bahar is very selfish. She only wants news for her channel’. Anyways, please pass on my message to Nirbhaya and all such girls. My advice to them is whenever they go out, they should carry a ‘Rakhi’ with them.  ‘Rakhi’ is the best weapon to save themselves from any critical situation. Whenever they come across any such situation, they should immediately tie ‘Rakhi’ to the man and make him brother. There will be no rapes in this country.

I replied,’ Definitely, Bapu Maharaj, You are really great. where were you since so many days?

Bapu Maharaj thanked me and merrily left the conversation.

Then I found two people calling me for a Group Chat one was  a film Producer ‘Ram Kumar Verma’ and an actress ‘Rekha Sawant’. Both invited me for a Group Chat on WeChat.

Ram Kumar Verma,  "Hi, I have heard that you know Nirbhaya. Please tell me something about her. I am going to make a realistic film on her life. And don’t worry for the compensation, it will be in millions".

Then Rekha Sawant also sent an instant message,’ Hey I am the main heroine of this film. I have suggested some changes in the film, where the girl will be shown from a poor family and gets job in a Bar as Dancer. There will be few item numbers in our movie.” She then also shared some of her ‘hot’ pictures from that movie by using the feature of sharing pictures on WeChat.

I screamed,’What??? Item number in the film  based on life of Nirbhaya???

Ram Kumar Verma replied, ‘Yes, we had to make some changes in the story of Nirbhaya’s life for some commercial aspects and success of the film. Hence, we have added few item numbers. But don’t worry, the rape scenes would be shot intensely and will definitely get an award for this film’.

I left the conversation this time.

I was thinking of Nirbhaya and again got a message ‘You are thinking about me. I am here.’  Nirbhaya was back on the Chat.

I sent her the history of our chat to her and in response, she just forwarded a smiley face from WeChat to me.

I replied, "Don’t worry, Nirbhaya, I will definitely represent your case as a common person to the highest authorities. You will get justice at the earliest."

I then sent an message to Mr. Madan Mohan Singh to seek justice for Nirbhaya and to my surprise he joined the chat. He replied to my message.

But it was a blank message. I re-forwarded my message to him. But in response I got a blank reply.

I sent him a voice message on WeChat, but in response I got a blank or silent reply.

I was very much annoyed and started shaking my phone and suddenly …………

My son woke me up. He was asking me, Mom, what are you doing? Why are you shaking your mobile in the sleep and why the TV is on.?

I woke up and realized that I was in dream.

My prayer to the almighty to get justice to Nirbhaya as soon as possible....

Disclaimer: The above blog post is totally fictional and  does not express the views of any person, living or dead. Further, the contents of this post are not meant to offence of any person.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Retro Party for Retro People

There was no one at home. While cleaning my cupboard I found an old photo album that had photographs of my college friends from J.J. School of Arts. I suddenly had a wild thought in my mind, why not arrange a small get together or a party. Since we all have already crossed 60, I thought of arranging a Retro party. Then I immediately called my friend and got a positive response from her and the chain started. We managed to contact majority of our group and majority of them were very much enthu for this party. 

Being the initiator, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of the party.

We all being 60 plus, I decided to keep Retro theme for this party. 

Since the number of people were more, I decided to scrap the idea of using my Hall and instead decided to host the party at my Society Club House.

We decided to have Disco lighting for the entire hall. Also, we decided to hang photographs of our favorite actors and actresses on the wall. We decided to use bright and florescent colors.

Dress Code:
We decided to keep Retro Bollywood dress code for the party.  I was suggested to mimic the costumes worn by Bollywood actors and actresses. I was decided to use bright and vibrant colors to create a feeling of energy and a mood of excitement.

Entertainment Program:
Being Senior Citizens, considering our age, we decided to skip dancing program and instead decided to play Antakshari, which will involve majority of the crowd. We also decided to keep the entertainment simple by playing popular music from the era of Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Kishor Kumar etc. The old music will add authenticity of the party's theme. My friend said that she will bring her Home Theater for the party. 

Other Activity:
Each one of us has to bring at least one old photograph from our college days. We decided to make a collage of it. 

Food Food:
Last, but not the least is the food. Most of us being vegetarian and non-alcoholic, it was decided to keep ethnic vegetarian menu.

Welcome  Drink : Fruit Punch

Starters : Cheese Corn Balls, Cocktail Samosa

Main Course : In the main course, we decided to rely only on Kitchens of India. The following menu was decided :
Vegetable Biryani by using Kitchen of India's Veg. Biryani Mix.
Mix Indian Bread

By using main course from Kitchens of India, we were going to save lot of time and energy for rocking the party.

Accompaniments : The chutneys and conserves from Kitchens of India are just mouth-watering. 

Desserts : Even for Desserts, we decided to buy from Kitchens of India.

Return Gifts:
How can I forget to give return gifts to my beloved friends. I decided to give 2 Packs of Halwas to each of my friend along with a CD of timeless collection of authentic Indian recipes, which I am going to get free from ITC Kitchens of India, on purchase of 2 packs.

I am sure this is going to be a Rocking Party!!!

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