Sunday, 2 June 2013

Retro Party for Retro People

There was no one at home. While cleaning my cupboard I found an old photo album that had photographs of my college friends from J.J. School of Arts. I suddenly had a wild thought in my mind, why not arrange a small get together or a party. Since we all have already crossed 60, I thought of arranging a Retro party. Then I immediately called my friend and got a positive response from her and the chain started. We managed to contact majority of our group and majority of them were very much enthu for this party. 

Being the initiator, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of the party.

We all being 60 plus, I decided to keep Retro theme for this party. 

Since the number of people were more, I decided to scrap the idea of using my Hall and instead decided to host the party at my Society Club House.

We decided to have Disco lighting for the entire hall. Also, we decided to hang photographs of our favorite actors and actresses on the wall. We decided to use bright and florescent colors.

Dress Code:
We decided to keep Retro Bollywood dress code for the party.  I was suggested to mimic the costumes worn by Bollywood actors and actresses. I was decided to use bright and vibrant colors to create a feeling of energy and a mood of excitement.

Entertainment Program:
Being Senior Citizens, considering our age, we decided to skip dancing program and instead decided to play Antakshari, which will involve majority of the crowd. We also decided to keep the entertainment simple by playing popular music from the era of Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Kishor Kumar etc. The old music will add authenticity of the party's theme. My friend said that she will bring her Home Theater for the party. 

Other Activity:
Each one of us has to bring at least one old photograph from our college days. We decided to make a collage of it. 

Food Food:
Last, but not the least is the food. Most of us being vegetarian and non-alcoholic, it was decided to keep ethnic vegetarian menu.

Welcome  Drink : Fruit Punch

Starters : Cheese Corn Balls, Cocktail Samosa

Main Course : In the main course, we decided to rely only on Kitchens of India. The following menu was decided :
Vegetable Biryani by using Kitchen of India's Veg. Biryani Mix.
Mix Indian Bread

By using main course from Kitchens of India, we were going to save lot of time and energy for rocking the party.

Accompaniments : The chutneys and conserves from Kitchens of India are just mouth-watering. 

Desserts : Even for Desserts, we decided to buy from Kitchens of India.

Return Gifts:
How can I forget to give return gifts to my beloved friends. I decided to give 2 Packs of Halwas to each of my friend along with a CD of timeless collection of authentic Indian recipes, which I am going to get free from ITC Kitchens of India, on purchase of 2 packs.

I am sure this is going to be a Rocking Party!!!

This post is an entry to a Indibloggers  Kitchens of India contest.


  1. loved the retro theme. Would have been a cool party. :D

  2. Nice party... Coincidentally I too chose a retro theme for my party :-)
    All the best for the contest!
    My entry:

  3. Very nice theme and good plan, too!

  4. Excellent idea Nandini. Believe me dancing will be fun too. Age is just a number as they say. :)