Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Recharge your Hair

The strike of Cab and serving of my car made me stand in long Bus queue for almost half an hour. After a long wait the bus arrived and I entered bus hurriedly. I was lucky enough to have a seat vacant. I occupied the seat and was enjoying the window seat. And suddenly a couple came came informed me that this seat is for Senior Citizens. I politely replied that I am fully aware of the fact. The lady grumbled and asked her husband to take another seat and she sat beside me. When the conductor came for the ticket, she complained conductor that about me stating that I occupied Senior Citizen seat and didn’t allow other Senior Citizens. I didn’t react to it, but simply showed my Senior Citizen Card to the Conductor. I was a virtual slap on her face. The lady felt guilty and apppologized for her behaviour. More to that she complimented me for my hair and said, because of your hair, you still look in 40s.

She made my day with her compliments. And I remembered the advice of my Mother of having Indian Goose Berry or Amla everyday for healthy hair and beautiful skin. As per my mother,  beautiful hair enhances beauty of human being and to make hair beautiful, recharge is required.

I would like to share some important household tips for recharging your hair.

  •  Amla power mixed with warm water and applied on the scalp make hair thick and black.
  • Fenugreek Seeds also known as Methi is an excellent remedy for hair growth. Methi powder soaked in water and applied to hair also gives recharge to your hair.
  • Bhringaraj also facilitates hair growth. My mom used to apply Mahabringaraj Oil during my childhood.
  • Last but not least, sleep of atleast 8 hours a day is required for healthy hair growth.

This is my entry to ‘Recharge your Hair Contest’  powered by http://www.sunsilk.in/.

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