Saturday, 25 May 2013

Secret of Beautiful Smile

When it comes to smile, the first and last choice stops to none other than Madhuri Dixit. Most of us are fans of Madhuri's smile. Many of us wants to have a beautiful smile and for that healthy teeth is very important. 

During the early 1960s when we were kids, we never had these fancy toothpastes. Our mother use to give us Dantamanjans and Tooth powders. But believe me we rarely use to face such a problem of gum bleeding and trust me we rarely faced to teeth and gum problems. 

Gums play a major role not only in your dental health, but in your overall well-being. I remember a college friend who had habit of chewing tobacco. Inspite of we all telling him to leave this bad habit, he continued and gradually developed gum problems. After undergoing lot of treatments, he could overcome the problem. But then never touched tobacco again. 

The main reason for increasing gum problems today is also due to change in lifestyle. One of the reasons for development of gum disease is smoking. The medication of diseases like Diabetes, Cancer etc. also have negative impact on the health of gums.

In olden days, we use to cure the gum problems with home remedies. For eg. for swollen gums, sea salt was the remedy. By dissolving a small amount of sea salt in a lukewarm water and gargling reduces the problem of swollen gums. Also, eating fruits like Oranges, grapes, papaya, strawberry etc. that are rich in vitamin C also helps in curing gum problems. For curing infection lemon and salt is also the best remedy. 

Today, we are well equipped with modern solutions for dental and gum problems. We may also seek help from professional dentists for our problems. But what I feel is that prevention is better than cure. The best thing to avoid these problem is to follow some simple steps like :

A. Maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day with good toothpaste like Colgate

B. By including lot of fruits containing Vitamin C and Vitamin D

C. By gargling daily with Salt water or Lysterine. 

D. Avoid smoking, chewing tobacco.

Trust me, even these small little precautions do make a lot of difference in your personality and give you Smile like Madhuri Dixit. So take care and keep Smiling!!!


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